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"Science and Christianity" by Chris Mulherin

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From the back cover: “I believe in science, so I couldn’t be religious.” That’s the repeated meme in the marketplace of ideas. And, in churches, Christians ask themselves, “Can science and Christian faith live in harmony?” This easy-to-read book puts these fears to rest. There is no irreconcilable conflict between mainstream science and Christian belief. Written for students, teachers, clergy, parish groups and interested lay people, this is an attractive and engaging introduction to the relationship between science and Christian faith. The book ranges from the wonders of quantum theory and genetics to biographies of believing scientists past and present. And it moves from philosophy of science to biblical references as Chris Mulherin clearly outlines the territories and limitations of both science and Christian faith. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter make the book an ideal resource for personal and group engagement with these important issues in schools and churches. COMMENDATIONS "Chris Mulherin has done us all an enormous favour in this book. I hope huge numbers of students, parents, ministers, doubters, and even atheists, pick up this little book, and absorb its important insights." — Dr John Dickson, author and historian, Senior Lecturer in Public Christianity, Ridley College, Melbourne "A beautifully illustrated book ... a readable and well-researched overview of the relationship between science and Christian faith. This is a ‘must read’ on a topic of great contemporary relevance." — Denis Alexander, Emeritus Director, Faraday Institute for Science and Religion "A question I am asked regularly by High School students is, “How can you teach religious education and science?” This book addresses this question in a way that is very accessible for students to understand ... a helpful entry point into this very important debate." — Karen Hale, science teacher and Head of Religious Education, Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School
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