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COSAC 2020 – All presentations and plenaries (mostly video, some audio, over 50 in total)

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This "product" is post-COSAC 2020 access to all the conference presentations and plenaries for people who did not register for COSAC. If you would only like access to one or a few individual presentations, please write to us at and we will make arrangements. COSAC 2020 was ISCAST's 12th Conference on Science and Christianity, 10–12 July 2020, totally online. See the COSAC 2020 website for more details including all presentation and plenary descriptions with presenter bios: Website description: Faith – Climate Change – Anxiety – Ethics – Posthumanism – Hope – Energy – Gene Editing – Artificial Intelligence – Sustainability – Love Planet Earth and its inhabitants face a paradoxical future. Increasing threats to the creation sit alongside the extraordinary possibilities that science and technology offer: species extinction and climate change alongside gene editing and dreams of humanity 2.0. In the face of anxiety and bewilderment, Jesus Christ offers hope. What does it mean to be a Christian in the 21st century? What does it mean to be faithful to Christ in a time of “eco-anxiety” when patterns of consumption seem unsustainable and damaging to the creation? What does it mean to be a Christian in a time when many people look forward optimistically to “the singularity” and the transhuman possibilities of overcoming the limitations of the human body? What does it mean to live in a time of climate change and CRISPR, of animal extinction and AI? Under the overall theme of “A Hopeful Future?” this important Australian conference will take up these urgent global challenges. How do we think and live faithfully in such a world, and what sort of hope does Christian theology offer?
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